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How To Treat Diaper Rash and How To Avoid It

Diaper rash is a form of contact dermatitis that causes irritation to the skin in the diapered area. It is caused by an infection from yeast or fungus. These infectious organisms thrive in warm moist environments, such as a wet or soiled diaper.

Symptoms of diaper rash include a red, painful rash around the genital and anal regions.

Diaper rash is most likely to occur after prolonged contact with urine or feces in the diaper. If the infant has sensitive skin, the symptoms may be worse or occur more often. The incidence of diaper rash will increase in hot, humid weather.

Treatment is focused on keeping the child dry. Change diapers frequently and leave diaper off as long as possible between changes.

Do not use baby oil or lotions unless specifically recommended for diaper rash. Many over-the-counter ointments are available to treat diaper rash such as petroleum jelly, or zinc oxide ointments.

If the rash persists, or worsens, seek a pediatricians advice to assure no complications result such as secondary bacterial infections.

To learn more about diaper rash symptoms, causes and treatments, follow the link.

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