Lose 10 Pounds
Lose 10 Pounds

What Are the 4 Bright Lines of Bright Line Eating?

Bright Line Eating is a weight loss program that used Bright Lines to systematize and automate your eating.

Those 4 Bright Lines are:

1. Avoid Sugar

2. Avoid Flour

3. Avoid Snacking

4. Weigh and Measure Your Foods

Some people consider Planning Your Meals to be the fifth Bright Line.

Members of the Bright Line Eating Boot Camps who affectionately refer to themselves as Bright Lifers strictly adhere to these rules every day to achieve higher than average weight loss.

Bright Line #1: Avoid Sugar

The rule for avoiding sugar requires you to read ingredient’s lists. You must avoid any foods that have sugar listed as one of the top three ingredients.

Sugar has many alternate names, so this rule also applies to foods that contain common sugar-like ingredients, such as…

  • Agave Nectar
  • Barley Malt
  • Cane Juice
  • Corn Syrup
  • Dextrose
  • Fructose
  • Fruit Juice Concentrate
  • Honey
  • Maltodextrin
  • Maple Syrup
  • Molasses

Bright Line #2: Avoid Flour

Like sugar, flour causes an insulin spike in the body that fuels hunger and inhibits fat burning. Flour is avoided entirely from your Bright Line Eating Meal Plan, meaning you must avoid whole grain flour, oat flour, almond flour, and coconut flour.

Since flour is found in breads, cereals, and pasta, these foods are avoided when you follow the Bright Line Eating Program.

Bright Line #3: Avoid Snacking

When you are a Bright Lifer, you stick to three meals a day with no snacking in between meals.

The act of eating will stimulate your appetite, so all forms of snacking are prohibited, meaning you don’t graze on vegetables in the afternoon or lick your fingers when you are cooking your food.

The food plan has you eat protein and fat with at least two meals to help fill you up and control hunger.

Bright Line #4: Weigh and Measure Your Food

A food scale is central to a Bright Line Eating Boot Camp Member. Program participants are strongly encouraged to weigh or measure every food item they put in their mouth. The proper amounts of foods to eat are included with the diet plan.

Additional Bright Line: Plan Your Meals

One of the habits that a Bright Line Eater gets into is writing down what they will be eating for the next day.

Bright Lifers are encouraged to place a tablet and pen next to the refrigerator and write down a plan of what they will be eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner the next day.

Advantage of Following the Bright Lines

The four Bright Lines along with the nightly ritual of planning your meals automates your eating.

According to the founder and CEO, Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson, these habits and rituals free your mind from needing to make eating decisions when you are in a vulnerable state, like when you’re hungry, tired, or stressed. Therefore the Bright Lines eliminate much of your need for willpower.

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